live movement / sound / projection performance with  andrew o'connor & edward dann

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017

Bella Waru - Choreographer, director, performer

the age

'Australian-Maori artist Bella Mason then takes the stage in a slow pas-de-deux between flesh and screen, body and image... the musical, digital and choreographic talents behind it don't fail to impress.'

- Cameron Woodhead


'Unflinching, raw, brutalist, gentle and floating...another example of Melbourne’s  burgeoning wave of fresh talent...Isabella Whawhai Mason, Edward Dann and Andy O’Connor here prove that their names be ones to watch in coming years.' - Jessi Lewis

Choreographer - Isabella Wháwhai Waru (formerly Mason)

Sound artist - Andrew O'Connor

Projection artist - Edward Dann

oneSELF explores the notion of identity through the lens of a single performer. To what extent does one recognise themselves? What does it mean to feel associated or disassociated with facets of your identity?

Three artists converge to dissect the same concept - or rather the same person. Sound and movement originating from the single body is manipulated, replayed, re-framed and distorted, appearing in the space as live soundscapes, projection and movement.

The collaborators present this work of elusive dance, immersive soundscape and stunning visual projection, co-existing like the complex, multifaceted identity.

'oneSELF' addresses the very fabric of identity, and how we relate to who we are - our gender, our sexuality, our heritage, our culture, our experience, our spirituality - our 'oneSELF'.